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Getting started on our affiliate programme is a quick and easy process; Just head over to our programme page, enter your details, and within 24 hours you'll be approved!

In return for promoting Groupon, you'll be paid in cold, hard cash. Every time that someone comes to our website via your promotional links, you'll receive a percentage of what they spend with us.

Not only are you making yourself a tidy sum by promoting us, you're also adding to your users' experience. Whether you're a media buyer, website owner, Facebook fan page curator, Twitter enthusiast, Blogger or manage an email list, integrating Groupon into your conversations will give your audience the opportunity to get the most out of their city through the fantastic deals that you're bringing to their attention.

So signup here and get started!

Be a Groupon Affiliate
Being a Groupon affiliate is... Simple, Rewarding & Enriching!