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Groupon Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Program Translations

The following is a list of the affiliate networks for the ever increasing number of countries that Groupon operates within. To join a Groupon programme, simply join the relevant network and search for the Groupon programme within it.

Argentina – (Zanox)
Australia – (Zanox)
Belgium – (Zanox)
Brazil – (Zanox)
Switzerland – (Affilinet)
Germany – (ZanoxAffilinet)
Denmark – (Zanox)
Spain – (ZanoxTradedoubler)
Finland – (Tradedoubler)
France – (ZanoxNetaffiliation)
Ireland – (Tradedoubler)
Israel – (Matomy)
Italy – (ZanoxTradedoubler)
Mexico – (Zanox)
Netherlands – (Zanox)
Norway – (Tradedoubler)
New Zealand – (Zanox)
Poland – (ZanoxTradedoubler)
Portugal – (Zanox)
Sweden – (Zanox)
United Kingdom – (Affiliate WindowOMG)
South Africa – (Zanox)