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Daily Deals iFrame Widget Creation – Groupon Denmark

Iframe example

This tool will generate a code, that you can place on your site to display the latest deals in the Groupon city of your choice. This tool automatically updates itself each day, so it's a fantastic way for you to promote Groupon and make more money.

This works just like a banner; when someone clicks on a deal within the widget, they go to the page to buy a deal and the commission is yours!

All you need to get this great tool live on your site is your Affiliate ID and your API Key. You will need to get in touch with us to request your API key, but the Affiliate ID can be found in your own Zanox account. To do so, please login and follow these steps:

  1. Go to 'Programmes'
  2. Click on 'Code' next to the program called 'Groupon DK'
  3. Click on 'Code' next to the first item in the Textlinks list, called '_iFrame Daily Deals Widget'
  4. Scroll all the way down and find the box titled 'Short form of the HTML-Code'
  5. Your Affiliate ID is found at the end of the link and it starts just after the "/ppc/?". It's a long combination of letters and numbers. See example below:

  6. Example of Zanox ID

1. Enter your information

Enter the API key which you were given by Groupon and your Zanox ID. Click ref is optional.

API Key   Affiliate ID   Click Ref

Don't have a key? It's easy to get one!

Don't know your ID? Get in touch!

What is a clickref? If you are putting the widget on more than one website and you want to distinguish between the sites, you can generate multiple snippets of code with multiple clickrefs e.g. Site1, Site2

2. Customise your widget

Make some tweaks to your widget so that it fits in with the colours of your site and your audience.

Size   Choose a city   Highlight Colour

Select the widget size

Choose your audience

Set to default

3. Generate your widget

Click 'Generate Widget' below to preview your widget and generate your code. Then, simply paste the code into your site where you would like the deal list to appear - Et voilá!

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