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Linking Directly To Deals

Sometimes you might want to link directly to a deal, this is especially useful for pushing deals out over your Social Media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Direct Linking couldn’t be easier, simply follow these steps below.

    1. Take this link and place your Affiliate ID where it says yourAFFID

If you are unsure of your Affiliate ID (yourAFFID), you should be able to find this on Affiliate Window or give us a shout at and we will be able to tell you.

  1. Then take the URL of a deal you want to post so for example –

  2. Add both links together so it looks like this –

  3. Then place that link in a URL shortener like and you will be left with a short link to post to FB or Twitter.

The link you’ve just created will link directly to the deal you picked, and appear with a little description and a thumbnail image like this:

Happy sharing.