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Rules For Promoting

Affiliate Application Process

Groupon will not be accept applications from publishers who intend to promote on channels where content is:

  • Not relevant to individuals from the UK, Ireland or Denmark correspondingly
  • Portraying individuals in a discriminatory fashion
  • Offensive, erotic or pornographic
  • Gambling
  • Politically radical
  • Illegal (Torrents, Streaming of copyrighted material etc)

We will not be accepting new applications from:

  • Cash-back sites
  • Deal aggregating sites


Multiple Promotion Channels

Publishers are not permitted to promote Groupon across more than one network and are not permitted to have multiple accounts on the same network.


Brand Bidding

Affiliates are required to refrain from registering or bidding on our brand terms or misspellings, on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. These terms include, but are not limited to:

mycitydeal, mycitydeals, citydeal, citydeals,,,,, groupon, groupons,,,,
Groupon does not permit the display of the Groupon name within display URLs for PPC campaigns.


Creative Policy

Affiliates may not alter any Groupon creative without written consent from the marketing team (

We do not pay out commission on post impression sales, forced clicks or for affiliates who send out paid email lists.


Publisher Restrictions

  • No Post-View (Only post click cookies).
  • No iFrame involvement.
  • No pop under / pop up.
  • No Site-Under.
  • No Layer.
  • No pornography.
  • No scrape/parse of our website.
  • No abusive, erotic, extremist, radical-political content or content unsuitable for adolescents.
  • No changing or masking of links.
  • No direct-linking on the CityDeal/Groupon pages.
  • NO SEM – especially no brand bidding.
  • No torrent traffic.
  • No sub domains.
  • No creation of fan pages with our brand name.
  • No SEO using our brand name.
  • No incentivized traffic (e.g. paid-mailer, cash-back, bonus systems).
  • It is forbidden to use our offers, creatives or brand name in any case of competition or lottery.

Emailing restrictions

  • Do not use the Word “Groupon” in the HTML, Image-Links, Destination Links, Image-Name, Mail Text
  • Images must be hosted by the partner.
  • Emails must come from the partner and not Groupon E.g. “Partner Name Recommends:”


The violation of any of these restrictions will lead to the cancelation of any generated sales as well as possible removal from the programme.