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Newsletter Template

So, you’ve got a great site with engaged users who like to be kept up to date on what’s happening on your piece of internet real-estate. Because you’re a super helpful person, you’ve set up a newsletter that people can subscribe to to hear about what you’re up to. A great way to add value to the updates you’re sending out is to include a sprinkling of Groupon!


This could be a short description of a deal, a Groupon button linking through to our site or a separate mailing of our email template to your database


There are a whole bunch of ways you can use Groupon to enhance your newsletters and monetise your database. Drop us a line with your ideas and we’ll help you make them work!


Media Buys


Whether you’re a small agency or an international giant we’re the affiliate programme for you! Our competitive payouts and bespoke competitions give you the ability to see great returns and share in the success of the Groupon phenomenon going forward.


We’re always looking to secure new partnerships and our dedicated team of account managers will provide you with all the up to date data you need to make your campaign a success!

Get in touch with us for a chat to see how you can make the most out of your inventory


Social Media


Social media is perfect for maximising the reach of your Groupon campaign.

Picture the scene; you’re running a Facebook fan page or Twitter account about your city, showcasing the best things to see and do, you’ve notched up a good amount of followers and you want to offer them the opportunity to get the most out of their city at the best prices available. Posting Groupon deals to the page offers your fans exactly this!

The best thing about promoting through social media is that the deals can be shared on to more and more people, growing your reach and your commission exponentially.

You’ll be wanting to share only the deals that are relevant to your fans, so for help with linking directly to deals through your affiliate tracking, head here.


Website Integration


Advertising Groupon on your website is the bread and butter of our affiliate programme. It’s super simple to get a Groupon creatives up on your site and start generating money through them.


There are two main ways you can do this:

1. Banners

Our banners are available in all the standard sizes in both flash and gif formats. If you need something bespoke made, our designers are on hand to assist you in getting a creative that fulfils your needs.

We also have dynamic geo-targeted widgets you can place on your site which will show the current live deals in the city closest to the person viewing the page.

All of our banners are on the Affiliate Window system, but you can check out a selection of the best here on the blog.

2. The Datafeed

If you don’t already know how to manipulate a datafeed, they can be a little tricky but are well worth reading up on because they basically allow you to feed the data about the day’s deals automatically into your site in (almost) whatever manner you wish. If you’re keen to use the datafeed but are unsure how, our developer Oliver can be of assistance! Just drop us an email letting us know what you’re trying to achieve and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can.

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