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Cor Blimey!


Our ‘Generic’ banner group is updated regularly to make sure that you’re always promoting us with our latest and greatest banners. We also update this banner set for public holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day etc. and for Super Deals. Using this set means you can simply place your banner and leave the rest to us! We strongly advise going with this option.

You can preview the banners by clicking the ‘Banner Preview’ links below – to see all the banners in rotation, just keep refreshing the page.

To create your personal banner codes, you’ll need to click the ‘Group Code’ link, copy either the HTML or Javascript code, paste it in where you want it to appear on your site and then replace the two instances of AFFID with your Affiliate ID, which you will have received in your welcome email.

(Banner Preview) (Group Code)

(Banner Preview) (Group Code)

(Banner Preview) (Group Code)

(Banner Preview) (Group Code)

(Banner Preview) (Group Code)

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